Donate Us for a Noble Cause

Dear Friends,

We from Kutumb  Mitra Health and Education Charitable Trust ® have taken the initiative to serve the rural population of Karnataka and provide them basic health facilities, such that life becomes much easier for them. We invite you to assist us financially and otherwise, in order to bring up the poor and the under privileged who suffer due to lack of basic facilities. Kutumb  Mitra Health and Education Charitable Trust will continue its effort, but we strongly encourage support for the elders and their impaired vision by asking for donations, and for other interested organizations or individuals to participate in our program.

Kutumb  Mitra Health and Education Charitable Trust ® is committed to make a difference in the lives of poor people, by providing them the medical assistance. With our endeavor to achieve the same, we invite all agencies whether internationally based or from the Government to come forward and give an impetus to this health revolution.

Kutumb  Mitra Health and Education Charitable Trust ® provides medical care coverage and support to the community with specific emphasis on the needs of the under-privileged, elderly, women, low-income individuals, blind, disabled, dependent children and pregnant women. Kutumb  Mitra Health and Education Charitable Trust addresses the needs and offers medical coverage in various rural areas in terms of arranging medical check-ups, for doctor visits, emergency room visits, hospitalization,

prescriptions, medical supplies and equipment, nursing home costs, and home health care providing nutritional supplements enabling full implementation of the Social Service component.

You would be more than satisfied to join hands in this humanitarian cause. We are determined to eliminate dreaded diseases like AIDS, hepatitis etc. Arrangement of vaccines and their free distribution is one of the methods for showing your concern. We hope for an overwhelming response from you.

We require the human & financial support from you, which will take our movement to the masses. You will be act as a supplement to our health revolution and would be the real medium which will impart the actual assistance. You could also send in financial aid if you wish to be concerned with the whole cause. Your hard work and dedication for this humanitarian cause will make a difference in the lives of thousands of individuals.

We expect an over whelming response from you and hope that you can further invite other social workers, dedicated and caring individuals towards the betterment of the poor in India. Any assistance whether financial or otherwise is whole-heartedly welcome.

Your help will certainly help us to attain our objective and with your assistance and expert advice, we are sure to reach our goals.

Cheques, DD’s to be made in favour of
Kutumb  Mitra Health and Education Charitable Trust ®

A/C – 50200009601620
IFSC- HDFC 0002385

Please extend your hand of cooperation.
With sincere thanks and appreciation,

“Let us touch the dying, the poor, the lonely and the unwanted according to the graces we have received and let us not be ashamed or slow to do the humble work. Each one of them is God in disguise.”
– Mother Theresa