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Welcome to Kutumb Mitra Health and Education Charitable Trust Bidar

Kutumb  Mitra Health and Education Charitable Trust is making an important contribution towards strengthening the identity and visibility of internal migrant workers and their families. Vathsalya is a Bangalore based non-for-profit focused on community development and capacity building within the local migrant and low-socioeconomic community. Their mission is to ensure a sustainable living environment for migrant and poor families through the provision of nutrition, education, health, vocational and life skills training and counselling services.


We aim to preserve family by meeting their needs through community programs. We aspire to develop these programs and reach the wider migrant communities of India, bringing awareness and advocacy to this population.


To preserve and provide a sustainable environment for healthy mothers, children and families by providing Nutrition, Education and Counselling


To facilitate the creation of an ecosystem for children to flourish within their adoptive and birth families, by leveraging our experience in the areas of family preservation & strengthening.

Aim & Objectives of the Kutumb Mitra

1.Arrange spiritual speeches by well known speakers for society
2.To arrange motivational speeches for the students.
3.Mediation to stabilize the Marriages.
4.To arrange Holy tours of Basavkalyan ( Lord Basavanna )
5.Helping orphanages .
6.Work to clean public places and educate people about cleanliness.
7.All efforts to save the water& raise water levels
8.Carrying free of cost deliveries and caesarian of poor.

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